The Importance of Financial Transparency

Financial Transparency

Dear Residents,

When working as a team to accomplish anything, it is important to be honest with your teammates. It increases their confidence not only in you but in your partnership. Trust and awareness are key components in succeeding to achieve common goals.

We Are a Team

Right now we are a team working towards the common goal of improving North Royalton. In striving for that goal together, I believe it is important that you know where your hard-earned money is being spent. I promise you will stay informed.

Personal experiences throughout my life have helped to shape this perspective. I’ve learned the importance of financial transparency through marriage, and that lesson will carry over when I’m Mayor.

Life Experiences

I have been married and divorced twice before my husband Alan. When I married my first husband (my first boyfriend), I was very trusting but naive. I loved being a housewife/mom while he worked and paid the bills. It wasn’t until after years of a not-so-good marriage that we got divorced. Shortly afterward, I learned he (we) owed taxes. So, I went to work and I paid off every cent myself. This was without receiving any child support for our two daughters.

I was single for a few years while working two jobs and raising two beautiful girls. I struggled at times and felt sad when I couldn’t give them the best shoes, toys, etc. However, despite this, we always had a home, food, and lots of love.

Eventually, I married again. This brought me a sense of relief that I would have some “help”. He was my high school friend’s brother, and again, I trusted him. I continued to work and pay for the utilities, food, and incidentals. He paid for the house and taxes.

Ultimately, we got divorced due to his infidelity. To make matters worse, he too had not been paying taxes. We accrued a lot of debt. Even though I took on more financial responsibilities than before, I still neglected to demand disclosure about what we agreed he would handle.

So again, I ended up working two jobs, paying the bills and taking care of now 3 kids without child support. Still, I paid off all of those taxes. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I realized that I had to make changes.

Financial Disclosure

Life Lessons Learned

Going into this marriage with Alan, I was different. I learned from my past experiences. I need to see everything and be involved in every decision; as does he. We are teammates working toward a common goal. I know where every dime is spent and together we have had success financially and overall.

I hope this can be a lesson for everyone working with others to thrive. Trust and transparency are crucial in any relationship. Furthermore, I vow to be transparent with you. Thank you again for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Maria E. Cross